7 Expert Ways To Get Free Website Traffic That Converts

So, you’ve got a great product and an impressive website to showcase it. All that’s left to do now is sell… but you need website traffic for that! There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site, and they don’t all require spending money. To get guaranteed free website traffic that converts, simply read on…


1. Post your content on Medium (but only some of it)

Medium is an online publishing platform where people upload content for others to read. Founded in 2012, there are now more than 60 million monthly users writing and sharing stories, blogs and posts that interest them.

While it’s undeniably a great platform, you may be wondering what Medium has to do with increasing your website traffic. Well, Google doesn’t penalise for duplicate content, so whatever you post on your own website, you’re free to post elsewhere. However, rather than simply taking your entire article and re-posting it on Medium, post just the first four paragraphs. You can then add a ‘Click to continue reading’ button that links back to your own website, and create a popup link or content upgrade to collect these users’ email addresses.

This way, when you post new content you can send an email to alert the people who originally found you on Medium, and they’ll return to your website to read it, rather than Medium. The trick is to use the platform to drive traffic back to your own site.


2. Post full articles on LinkedIn

As with Medium, posting the first few paragraphs of your article to LinkedIn used to be an effective way of driving traffic to your own site. However, this is no longer the case. Social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have become adept at keeping users on their platforms, and it’s a lot harder to persuade people to click away from them.

A good way of getting around this is to create a ‘cheat sheet’ in addition to your article. Let’s say your article is ‘5 Ways to XYZ’. Design a cheat sheet that presents the tactics in a visual way, like an infographic or a chart; whatever will make it easier for people to understand the content. Post your full article on LinkedIn and at the end write something like ‘For a summary of XYZ click here’ or ‘For a handy printout of XYZ click here’, and then link to the cheat sheet on your own website. People will click the link because you’re offering them an enticing ‘extra’ on top of the article they’ve read and enjoyed.


3. Be a guest on other people’s podcasts

While podcasts might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to driving traffic to your website, they have the potential to be extremely effective when used in the right way. Start by researching podcasts that discuss news and insights about your industry. Rather than messaging the host and asking for a guest spot on the podcast, tell them you’re writing an article about XYZ and you’d like to quote them in it.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a blog post about dog food. You reach out to someone who hosts a podcast about animal nutrition and ask to quote them as an expert in their industry. Chances are they’ll say yes, and when you send them the finished article with their quote in, they’ll be more inclined to share it as they’re featured in it. A few months later, you can message your contact and offer to appear on their podcast to follow up on your article and share some insights about the industry. Alternatively, if they’re discussing a topic on their podcast that links to a blog you’ve written or some data you’ve analysed, ask them to reference it and this will send you more free traffic.


4. Write expert roundups

An expert roundup is a blog post featuring quotes from influential people or experts in a particular field. Let’s say you contacted 30 experts in your industry and invited them to share their number one Instagram hack. Once you’ve collated their responses and written a blog post, chances are these experts will all share the post and link to it from their own websites because they took part in it. So, whether you’ve got one visitor or one thousand, your traffic will skyrocket because you’re reaching new audiences thanks to your expert contributors.

Once you’ve posted a few expert roundups, you may find you have enough content to create an ‘ultimate’ list. For example, ‘Top 100 Blogs’, ‘Top 100 Nutritional Tips’ etc. You can create badges to promote the lists, and the contributors featured in the list will likely share the badges on their website and link back to your site. Even more free traffic!


5. Leverage contests and giveaways

Giveaways are a great tool for driving traffic because everyone loves a freebie! The key is rather than just asking users to like and share to enter the giveaway, you require them to do certain things in order to take part.

A points-based system is a great way of doing this. For example, you could offer people the opportunity to get an extra 5 entries if they share your giveaway on Twitter, and another 5 if they share it on Facebook. If they blog about it they could get an extra 20 entries, and you could offer them a unique referral link that gets them 10 entries for every person that signs up using it. The more platforms they share the contest on the more chances they have of winning, so it’s a great incentive for them. A points-based strategy is also more likely to make your contest go viral, driving even more free traffic to your site.


6. Utilise locked content with OnePress Social Locker

This clever WordPress plugin allows you to ‘lock’ certain content on your website. When visitors come to read it, they’ll see a prompt to share your website on Twitter or Facebook in order to ‘unlock’ the content and continue reading. This is a great way of driving traffic to your website as it’s consistent and reliable.

Don’t worry if some of your readers don’t have a huge social media following; when they share your site they’re still reaching an audience that may not know about you. You’ll inevitably have a few with large followings however, and these are the ones that will really boost your website traffic.


7. Repurpose your content through live video

You’re probably thinking “When am I going to find the time to make videos on top of the blogs and articles I write?’ which is a fair point. However, people are more engaged when watching live video than at any other time, making it an extremely valuable tool that’s worth considering. The trick is to repurpose your content through the medium of video, rather than creating video content from scratch. Simply take the articles and blogs you’ve written or the content you’ve released on podcasts, and create a video talking about it.

In your video you can share strategies and tactics around topics you’ve discussed in your blogs, and you’ll find that visitors to your website will tune in. And, while it may seem daunting, you can go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn…all at the same time. This means reaching several different audiences at once, with no extra work from you. Throughout your video you’ll naturally mention your website and direct viewers there for more information. This is truly one of the best strategies for driving free traffic because people who visit your website as a result of watching your video are much more engaged than someone who’s simply read a tweet and clicked through, which means they’re also much more likely to convert.

So there you have it, seven fantastic strategies that will help you drive free traffic to your website. If you’d rather have a team of experts with over 20 years’ experience drive traffic to your website and generate leads on your behalf, fill in the contact form below or call 0800 211 8337

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